Mistrial Saves Steeves from Treason Charge

Acting Judge Liam Sinclair of the legally appointed tribunal (appointed by President Washburn), declared the impeachment proceedings against Prime Minister Steeves illegal today. The Justice said that since Amerada has no constitution, no government leader can be legally impeached. Washburn refused to accept this legal ruling of the court and says that the legislature will try Steeves (though that would be illegal because of double jeopardy).

President Washburn and his House of Cronies who are extremely biased against PM Steeves are expected to grant an unfair trial that will attempt to remove Steeves as Prime Minister. If the legislature does declare Steeves guilty (as is expected), the PM will still have his job as once you are found innocent in one court, you cannot be tried on the same charges in another one. After the mistrial was declared, the intent of Pres. Washburn to use the Amerada justice system to further his personal vendetta against PM Steeves was only made more evident when the President refused to declare the finding of the court legal. He claimed that the court was illegal, even though he legally declared it the previous day.

Governor Sinclair was quoted to have said to reporters after the trial,

“The President is clearly undermining the legitimacy and legality of his own court in attempting to try Mr. Steeves on a charge he has been clearly proven innocent of. The prosecution did not make a clear case at all to prove that Mr. Steeves was guilty of treason and we can see that Earl and his cronies do not like the fact that Will won the PM and DLPA leadership election earlier this month. It is truly a sad day when the President of Amerada goes against his own previous decisions. He has called this court illegal, thus he should be questioned for his sanity as he has called a decision of his illegal, which was to create the court in the first place. At one point, the president even declared that the PM/DLPA leadership election was not in fact an election for the DLPA leadership. Mr. Washburn should realize that using Amerada as a battlefield to wage his personal vendetta against Mr. Steeves is both ethically and morally wrong. I implore him to realize that the court has declared Mr. Steeves innocent of Treason against the state and if Mr. Washburn wants to try Steeves on the lesser, non-state related charge of Assault, he should do so in a people’s court, as that charge has no relevance to the state.”

Lead Counsel, Nicolas Bridgewater, who had motioned that this trial was illegal from the start, declared victory today as he is mature enough to admit that this entire trial was a farce intended only to be a way of Earl Washburn to continue his personal problems with Will and to spread them into the State of Amerada, to which they have no relevance.

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