Mondesia-Tymar Defence Treaty Tabled

The unofficial military alliance between the two militaries has existed for quite some time now, with the TDF’s backup national defence headquarters located in South Mondesia. This relationship was established because all members of the SMDF, save one guy who is just there for the research perks, are members of the TDF. A Mutual Defence Treaty was signed by SM President Peter Little back in January and sent to the MoFA in Tymaria shortly after. After a month of waiting, and a new minister, the treaty has finally been signed by Prime Executive Rhode and is being ratified by the House of Nations. This treaty will last as long as SM doesn’t join Tymaria or one side backs out of it. Liam Sinclair is the Minister of National Defence for South Mondesia and Tymaria and thus the two militaries have similar interests. You can find out more on the JTFHQ in South Mondesia by visiting the TDF Ezboard and its Public Affairs Forum.

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