Morovian King announces appointments

Following the conclusion of this month’s election, in which the Conservative Party swept the Royal Assembly, Morovia’s King Vincent has announced several appointments to public office. The appointments made are from throughout the micronation’s political spectrum, rather than just from the ranks of the governing political party, and include such high profile jobs as Chief Justice of the High Court – a position given to veteran micronational jurist Peter Hickey.

Speaking to the Standard on the issue of the application of macronational common law principles in micronationalism, Chief Justice Hickey noted that such principles need to be applied within micronationalism with great caution, as macronational legal systems are “much more complex and deep than any micronation can realistically hope to achieve.” He went on to state that, “it is best for a micronation to develop its own body of case law and precedent, or if it chooses to follow Roman law traditions, to write its own legal code.” The Chief Justice did not rule out the use of macronational legal precedents in micronationalism, noting that those precedents can serve an advisory and guiding purpose.

Other appointments include: Jacobus Kahunamea to Minister of Information; Steven Foong to Minister of Immigration; Peter Krembs to Chief of the General Staff; Liam Sinclair to Chancellor of Victoria University; Glenn McCarter to Minister of Health and Safety; and, Adam Hansen to Minister of Defence.

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