Mouvement Democrate showing signs of life post-Dev

Members of the Mouvement Democrate meet in Chambery for a rally in rememberance of Sebastian Dev.

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – Following the crippling blow that was the Dev assasination in Bouvet to the Mouvement Democrate, interim MoDem leader Pierre Guigou has assumed control of the party and initiated its process to call for a convention to elect a new leader for the party to lead them in the next Imperial Assembly. “We must call for a party convention as soon as we can, because we need the Movement Democrate to continue, and I will seek to continue it for the time being,” stated Guigou. Pierre Guigou is the Deputy representing the constituency of Las Cruces, San Martin, and he previously served as Second Consul during the first Dev Government, where he pushed for reforms for the national census and the citizenship naturalization process.

The Mouvement Democrate has shown some sign of revival with the addition of Juan Ciervo, a seasoned Alexandrian politician, to its ranks. Alejandro Castillo, currently serving as a member of the Reynaud Government for the culture portfolio, is also counted as a member of the party as well. No details as to what this “political convention” would be like are known yet, this is unprecedented in Alexandrian history. At the time of publication, the MoDems look on track to call the convention, with Ciervo seconding the motion to call it. It remains unclear to most who will succeed Dev to the post of Party Leader. “The bet is on Guigou or on Ciervo to step up and lead,” says Professor George Clouseau of the Institute of Political Studies in Valenciennes. “They both have a lot of experience on their corner and could lead the party.”

The Mouvement Democrate, however, faces an even greater challenge – declining numbers and support following the death of Sebastian Dev have put the party in a weakened position against the strong and rising support that the new Social Democratic Rally of incumbent Jacques Reynaud. “If the leader of the MoDems, whomever it is, challenges Reynaud for the Consularship, it may be an uphill climb. The Social Democratic Rally is poised to get a working majority in the next Imperial Assembly, and the MoDems could find themselves in the awkward position of being in the opposition for the first time,” stated Professor Clouseau. What gives the Mouvement Democrate a measure of both hope and concern are the amount of independents in the Assembly, a staple in Alexandrian politics. “Their only chance is to get the independents on board in the vote.” A colleague of Closeau’s Vanessa Gonzalez disagrees, stating that “Reynaud has a good team and has the support of a majority in the Assembly, and the Mo Dems are counting only on three votes, best case scenario. Castillo could possibly defect to the Social Democratic Rally in the next Assembly to stay on the Government, and we will see Alexandria’s first social democrat Government be elected in its own right.”

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