Multi-Million Member Social Network May Benefit Micronations

The popular Facebook social network, in an attempt to compete directly with newspapers and other advertising websites, will launch its own ‘Marketplace’ where members can post free classifieds for sales to soliciting rides home, and everything in between according to a report in the New York Times.

Already offering paid advertisements (“Flyers”), the new service is likely to provide a substantial boost to immigration strategies for those micronations that operate on a limited, or non-existent, macronational budget. The social network currently boasts over twenty-two million members, offering a never-before-seen pool of potential immigrants. The service will allow users to advertise any network of which they are a member (for example, a city network or an academic network).

The service will require micronationalists advertising a nation to expose their true identities; this prospect may make Marketplace a less-appealing method to promote immigration given that anonymity is a cornerstone of much of micronationalism. Speaking to the Times, Mark Zuckerberg, who created Facebook as a Harvard Undergraduate in 2004, stated that there will be no anonymous listings so as to give a viewer a “very clear path to see how you can trust the other person you are conducting business with.”

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