NAM Weak and Useless: Antican Speakership Candidate

In answering questions on foreign policy fielded to candidates for the Antican Speakership election, one candidate has charged that the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is weak and useless. Braden Indianensis made the comment in response to a question regarding Antica’s future participation in the micronational organization, noting that if elected speaker, he would consult the population on Antica’s future involvement.

The Non-Aligned Movement was founded to provide a combined voice for less-noticed (i.e. isolationist) micronations to gain some semblance of power in the wider intermicronational community. Despite regularly admitting new members, the organization has been unable to achieve its founding goal and has arguably fallen down the road of becoming “Yet Another Micronational Organization” (the name given to failed attempts at creating such organizations). This failure may be partly due to some members continuing their disconnection with the arena through which the more visible (and in some cases, more powerful) micronations operate on a daily basis.

The sentiment to reconsider Antica’s future in the Non-Aligned Movement was not shared by Mr. Indianensis’ contender, Aryeztur, who noted that in theory “NAM is great” even if it has become a “dinosaur” in practice, similar to the macronational United Nations. Aryeztur called Antica the “brain and backbone” of the organization and that Antica should thrive to be the leader of the Non-Aligned micronations.

Another question to the candidates circled around the issue of Antica holding membership in both the Micronational Cartography Society (MCS) and the Geographical Standards Organization (GSO). Chrimigules, the moderator of the question period, noted that the world map of the latter organization has not been updated in 92 days (which was only the second update in the organization’s eight-month history with a massive backlog awaiting address). On the other hand, the Micronational Cartography Society’s world map is updated regularly, sometimes even several times in one month. Aryeztur expressed his desire to see Antica remain on both world map projects, though noted that in his belief, the micronation faces more important issues that what to do with virtual territory. Indianensis stated that Antica should focus on its MCS participation until such a time as the GSO “gets back on track,” reiterating that at the same time Antica should continue its activity on both maps in order to remain competitive with its rivals.

Voting in the Antican election will begin on June 2 and continue through until June 6, 2007. Indianensis and Aryeztur are the only candidates. A self-nomination for candidacy filed by Nick Foghorn was denied.

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