Name change and John Harvey win in Madland elections

Geneva, Madland; MBCC News – The polls finally closed today in one of the most controversial elections in Madlandian history. The State Electoral Commission is set to proclaim the winner later today of the Prime Minister, who is John Harvey with a whopping 60% of the Madlandian vote. The proposed name change was overwhelmingly approved by 80% of Madlandian voters.

“The results of this election will affect Madlandian history greatly,” said His Imperial Majesty in a very optimistic mood. “We will move forward and usher in a period of progress and prosperity for all Madlandians… or should I say Alexandrians?”

The election was a bitter defeat for both Jorge Tuvallia and Lord Pontmercy, who both ended up with 20% of the vote.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture, History and Information of Madland will announce today when exactly the name change will start taking place. It is not known when the Estates-General will begin drafting a declaration of seriousness for Madland.

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