Natopian Legislature Bill: “Kill All Fat People”

A bill tabled in Natopia’s national legislature, the Royal Frenzy Old Chamber, encourages a ban on any obese person from holding Natopian citizenship. Tabled by “pirateman54,” the bill received a cold reception which later provoked its writer to claim that he had no desire to have his bill passed into law, but not before a degrading speech.

In his speech, “pirateman54” confronted Konrad von Zeck’s opposition to the bill by stating “what gives you the right to call fat people normal. They are fat. FAT!!!” He went on to claim that any ugly person (to his personal taste) also is considered fat even if the person is skinny.

The use of the Natopian legislature to advance a bigoted agenda such as this is rare, but the abuse reflects on Natopia’s reputation as one of the most socially immature micronations in the community, despite its many years of existence.

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