New Alexandrian Prime Minister Makes Address

Prime Minister Ciervo has made his first address before the Alexandrian Imperial Parliament outlining his goals for this term. The key areas noted in the December 4 speech are constitutional reforms and an overhaul of the Ministry of Defence.

Ciervo has pledged to work closely with the two opposition parties in parliament to secure to achieve needed reforms to reinvigorate the micronation. Noting that “there has been a lack of work done in Alexandria,” the Prime Minister criticized many of the government ministries have been in “disarray” and voiced his intent to choose ministers to correct the “damage that has remained present for too long.” Among the ministers who have been nominated, or since confirmed, are: Jacques de Beaufort (Defence); Paul Joyce (Interior); Jose Frias (Economics); and, Augusto Benavides (Foreign Affairs).

The area of constitutional reform is considering a major issue for the Prime Minister as he has convened a Commission on Constitutional Reform to “remedy the remaining issues within the constitution.” Ciervo noted that the central law has “many flaws that must be fixed.” The commission, to be headed by Justice Jean Carmichael, will be non-partisan and represent each of the three branches of Alexandria’s government (legislative, executive, and judicial).

Noting that “its organization is outdated and difficult to understand,” Ciervo has laid out his intention to conduct a major overhaul within the Ministry of Defence so that is can better defend the Alexandrian people and the Empire itself.

Despite the pledges by the Prime Minister in these two areas, he laid out no plans in other areas affecting the national governance.

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