New appointments made to Gotzborg government

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Here at the Gotzborg Eagle we want to congratulate M.T. Square-Makonnen and Robert Davis. Lt General Square-Makonnen has been appointed to Monister of the Office of War and Robert Davis has been appointed as Deputy Vice Minister of State Judicial Divission. here is what each had to say.

Mr. Davis said that he was very pleassed on the appointment. He originally intended to have an advisory role but on request of his majesty he was made Deputy Vice Minister.

This is what the Deputy Minister had to say.
“The future of our Legal Structure is a very difficult one to foretell. This has been my biggest challenge in developing a system. In order for the system to work properly, I must take into consideration that the Kingdom may very well grow and therefore change dramatically, that as time goes on, the desires and opinions of our Head of State may shift, and being a micronation, that there are several sections that would normally be included in such an Outline, that must be removed, or simply consolidated into other areas. I must remain fair, impartial, and balanced in the placement of Divisions, and the duties of each. I must also allow for a great degree of flexibility, so that things may change without the proverbial pulling of teeth. As one may well imagine, making law flexible is no easy task; as the very nature of law is that it be absolute and unwavering.I am looking forward to a lot of hard work, and brilliant collaborations.”

On the appoitment to the Office of War this is what Lt.Gen Makonnen had to say.

” I feel that it’s a great honor to be a citizen of Gotzborg first and foremost and that His Majesty, King August Charles has been a great support and patron of not only military tradition within Gotzborg, but has a fondness for the history as well, which to me, is very important. This is a major reason for my petition for citizenship here, but on a personal note, I see him as a good friend also.As far as the appointment to His Majesty’s War Office, I am honored and feel that with close cooperation with the Gotzborger Crown, I will be able to bring about a more active involvement of the Gotzborg military in the Intermicronational Community. Yet, there are things here in Gotzborg that must be accomplished first before we make our presence felt elsewhere. First, there’s the actual building of the “muscle” of the Gotzborger military. Right now, we have the structure, or “skeleton” of the military pretty well set, along with the outstanding design of the uniforms each of the branches will wear, but we need to get down to the “meat” of our fighting force. I along with His Majesty will be formulating the various troop levels and actual deployments of these forces throughout the nation, for an adaquate representation of Gotzborger strength, in the upcoming weeks.Of course, with the current policy of His Majesty, the King, Gotzborg’s military serves an “atmospheric” function that will further enhance the Gotzborg experience, as Gotzborg does not condone the use of forum based weaponry or even agrees with the concept of “micronational warfare”.One issue that I’d like to see come to fruition is a conference based on the military aspect of micronationalism, in which the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg will host. This will have to be made in conjuction with close work with the Foreign Office, who will be responsible for informing and inviting those micronations that wish to participate. At this conference, I would like to see active discussion on various topics, such as: Forum defense techniques, Intermicronational military history and other interesting subjects our guests could bring to the table.Should this come about, I’m sure it would bring greater interest not only to Gotzborg, but to the military aspect of our hobby.The main future of the War Ministry in my eyes would be to basically show that militaries and the trappings that come with them, do have a place in micronationalism. For this hobby to be a realistic version of what’s found in the Macroworld, one cannot exclude the military as viable facet of a nation and that we should embrace it as an integral part of government.”

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