New Atteran Constitution to Take Effect Monday

The Sixth Crimson Constitution of Attera, under construction since the Labour Day 2005 coup against the reign of Emperor Mik’el Tzion, will formally come into effect on Monday, 24 Oct 2005, according to Co-Regent Johanns fonn Klosso.

The constitution will move the Solomonic Empire to a new system of government in which three co-regents (Klosso, Charles Beard, and Benjamin Farzan) will effectively run the country by decree. It will also begin a new era in Atteran governmental structure with the formal dissolution of the position of Prime Minister of Attera, which was the long-standing head of government position (now being replaced by the co-regent triumvirate). Klosso will be remembered as the last of the Atteran prime ministers, as well as the prime minister who was willing to risk the overthrow of his Emperor for the good of the Atteran citizenry.

No formal celebrations to mark the passage of the Sixth Crimson Constitution, the constitution of the informal “Era of the Hisb’,” have been announced.

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