New Atteran Emperor to be crowned in December

In the seemingly never-ending saga of coups and counter-coups in the last year of Atteran history, a new Emperor is preparing to be crowned on 1 December of this year. Emperor Yonatan Tzion Yaqob (a.k.a. veteran Atteran and micronationalist Johanns fonn Klosso), third Emperor of the Atterans and the first to not be in the Square-Makonnen line, will ascend the throne officially on the established Coronation Day holiday.

The departure from having a member of the Square-Makonnen family act as Emperor comes as the leaders of the original insurrection against then-Emperor Mik’el Tzion (Diga Makonnen’s imperial moniker) look to disconnect Makonnen from any legitimate claim to the Atteran throne. This move has been taken with concern to any future attempts by Makonnen to reclaim the Atteran throne, which he lost control of on Labour Day 2005 when a popular coup by all the active citizens of Attera, led by Klosso – the last of the Atteran Prime Ministers – overthrew Makonnen. It was then that Makonnen’s daughter was placed on the throne in a ceremonial capacity as a means to smooth-over relations with Makonnen as well as to respect Atteran history (Jihan had previously served as the ceremonial empress prior to the founding of the Solomonic Empire of Attera on 1 December 2002). However, with inactivity looming, Makonnen came back to seize power uncontested later last Autumn and promptly withdrew the Atteran micronation from the online realm, legitimizing his actions through the use of papels (split-personalities).

In recent months, with the return of Klosso to activity in micronationalism, discussions between the former Atterans who participated in the original coup were coordinated to bring the micronation back to the online realm (in parallel to Makonnen’s offline incarnation, which many doubt exists).

From what can be ascertained, Makonnen is unaware of the return of the Atteran micronation to the realm of the internet micronations, and it is uncertain if he would be concerned as, from best information available, he is no longer involved in any form of micronationalism due to macronational obligations and events.

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