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Abbas Namvari
Vizierate of Foreign Affairs
The Kingdom of Babkha

Kamalshahr, 15 Oct 2002 – In a minor Cabinet reshuffle in The Kingdom of Babkha today, Abbas Namvari was named the new Vizier of Foreign Affairs upon the sudden resignation of the incumbent, Bahram Gul Khuramdin. Reproduced below is the text of Abbas Namvari’s proposed reforms to Babkha’s foreign policy made when he was the Shadow Vizier of Foreign Affairs :

I declare my solidarity and support for the domestic reforms as proposed by my comrade, Bahram Gul Khuramdin. The need for fundamental changes within Babkha is both necessary and imperative for the future evolution of this nation as a sustainable model for micronationalism.

I would also like to take this advantage to lay out my proposal for reform in the area of bilateral and multilateral foreign policy. Babkha has always had some measure of respect within the intermicronational community. This is due to the strength and maturity of her people, her institutions and her traditions. Nonetheless, there has been an unhealthy trend that has seen Babkha participating, albeit unofficially, in the more fantasy orientated paradigm of micronationalism. While it is “fun”, the potential of loss of prestige among the larger micronational community is a risk that I feel Babkha shouldn’t take.

I see the need for Babkha to re-establish itself as a major player in the simulation paradigm of micronationalism. Even right now, initiatives are being taken by individuals like our Attorney General, William Bagram to establish an infrastructure for an agreed convention for judicial and legal matters. This in itself is an encouraging note.

The following are the proposed Foreign Policy Reform platform that I hope the Behsaz will adopt to further consolidate our position within the more serious simulation paradigm of micronationalism :

To re-establish contact with the more serious micronations, starting with those that we currently have de-jure bilateral ties;

To seek more contacts outside the traditional Anglophone bloc of micronationalism;

To take a more active role in multilateral organisations such as the League of Secessionist States;

To promote standards and conventions on intermicronational interaction in cooperation with like minded micronations with the intention of setting parameters to more effectively define our paradigm of micronationalism;

To encourage bilateral and multilateral consultation in order to widen the scope of simulation based interaction between micronations; and

To establish the means and infrastructure for promoting micronationalism outside the confines of the community.

The 6 points outlined above would represent the very minimum guidelines that will guide our platform for Foreign Policy Reform and it must be understood that these cannot be achieved by Babkha alone. It is my hope that we can contribute in eventually reinventing “simulation based micronationalism” into a more mainstream and widely acceptable hobby.

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