New Constitution, Valencia bolster markets

Trader in the Bourse sulks after the post-Convention crash.

ORIGINALLY FROM: New Constitution, Valencia bolsters markets

GENEVA, ALEXANDRIA; ABCC NEWS – The Imperial Government unveiled a new Constitution for Alexandria, based heavily on the Alexandrian Constitution of 2009. The new Constitution provides for the creation of a new Imperial Assembly, and leaves many details up for the Assembly to iron out. The Constitution includes amendments and changes that citizens proposed during the now-closed Constitutional Convention. Earlier today, Valencia was fully admitted into the Empire of the Alexandrians, unexpectedly as a full province under the Constitution. The full admission of Valencia brings in vast opportunities for the Empire’s businesses to tap into resources and labor in the province. “The Valencian breadbasket is now part of the Empire,” said Jean Marie Lebrun, Director of Resources and Environment in the Colonial Department. “This will present opportunities for the Empire to grow and develop more, definitely.”

Since the unveiling of the new Constitution and the integration of Valencia, markets have finally stabilized and some gains were made. The Bourse closed at 2,966.43, showing markets are now more confident. However, investors remain wary and cautious, watching the political events unfold.

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