New drive for citizens pushes forward

© 2004 Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg. All Rights Reserved. Originally published in The Gotzborg Eagle, reproduced under license to Sinclair Publications.

Gotzborg (GP) – Being the lifeblood of any micronation, today the King of Gotzborg launched on a renewed effort to market Gotzborg and micronations in general out to the ‘mainstream’ in an attempt to draw in more interested people into the otherwise backwater hobby.

“Even if people who come looking around decide to join another micronation other than Gotzborg, we still consider that a success,” said His Majesty’s Press Office when asked about the effort. “Obviously the first goal is to interest and have new citizens join the Kingdom, but we have greater desires to see micronationalism as a whole flourish.”

The renewed efforts are being primarily directed towards online game, simulation and related forums on which there is a relation to micronationalism. “It depends on which micronationalist you talk to and what their viewpoint is of micronationalism, but we are trying to cover all aspects of what makes this an enjoyable endeavour,” said Gary Exsall, from the Gotzborg Micronational Studies think-tank in Abrantes, “but what has made it so enjoyable and varied is also what’s killing it. People who don’t know it just dont know what to make of it when the start looking around.”

There is a strong feeling of confidence throughout the Kingdom that the new efforts, as long as they may take, will be successful.

“With the leadership of His Royal Majesty and the committment and dedication of the people of Gotzbog, this is bound to be a successful venture in the end,” summarized HRM’s Press Office.

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