New Electoral Districts

Tebec Government Press Release 20020725

25 July 2002

Just days ago, the biggest chance in the Tebec legislative structure, the Commons Act (2002) was ratified by the Tebec Commons and signed by the Governor. Under this act, the electoral districts of Tebec are to be reorganized. We, the Government of Tebec, would like to announce to you the new electoral districts, based on the total voting population of Tebec, as created by Elections Tebec.

The electoral districts will be as follows:

1. District of Los Antreal West (Litvinov and Weatherhead Sectors of the city);
2. District of Los Antreal East (Hickman and Washburn Sectors of the city); and
3. District of San Datoon (encompasses the entire township).

The Commons Act (2002) cuts the current size of the Tebec Commons exactly in half. To adjust to this change, this government is hereby calling a general election for the Tebec Commons. In accordance with the Tebec Elections Act (2002), which was also recently ratified, this election will last from August 03/2002 to August 10/2002. The registration deadline for parties wishing to run will be July 27/2002 and as usual, registration will take place in the Department of Internal Affairs Building.

The Second Tebec Commons, which is currently sitting, will be dissolved officially on August 01/2002, and the Third Tebec Commons will be sworn in on August 12/2002.

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