New era begins in Attera

On December 01, 2002, The Federation of Imperial Atteran States entered into its latest phase. With the Third Crimson Constitution coming into effect, Prime Minister Diga Makonnen IV left his position to become Emperor of the Solomonic Empire of Attera, the new name of the nation. He also took on the name HSIH Mik’el Tzion I upon his ascension to the throne.

In his speech to the Atteran public, the Emperor repeated his intentions to let the government run the nation for the most part, despite the, what some call, dictatorial powers given to the Emperor under the new constitution, which was ratified three to one by the Grand Executive Council in October 2002. He also issued a call to ministers to get active in their jobs and to the Prime Minister, to open the nation to the world. The Emperor’s plans for the nation include moving the nation away from the petty disputes that have caused it to be seen with bitterness in the past, as well, the Emperor plans to continue Atteran participation in the ICEO, despite the recent problems with the Organization, as well as to continue the current economic platform of the nation to show the intermicronational community that, “micronationalism does not have to be only focused on foreign affairs, micronational “wars” and cultural aspects.” Finally, the Emperor had strong words against those who mean ill towards Attera, calling for the Atteran people to “use [the enemies of Attera’s] negative energy against them and work to continue to be their misery.

The Emperor made many promotions on his first day of service to the Empire. HIH Dabe Harmogedon I was promoted to the rank of L’eul Ras of Atteran Makonnia and will continue to sit in the Grand Executive Council. HIH Charles I of Argaal was also promoted to L’eul Ras and will be represented by the now, Rasana Sirithil Nos Feanor, in the GEC until his return. HH Liam Sinclair, of Sa’an and Burgundy was also promoted to the rank of Ras Bitwoded and was appointed at Attera’s fifth Prime Minister since the position was created in December 1999.

In Prime Minister Sinclair’s speech to the nation, he called for continued solitude between the citizens of the nation, in light of the trial of Ras Starr in Baracao on the charge of terrorism. He also ruled out any further chances of reconciliation with the Kingdom of Babkha unless they meet the conditions for relations with Attera dictated to Minister Namvari by Prime Minister Makonnen back in November. Prime Minister Sinclair also removed Ras Charles I from his position as the Imperial High Judge until his return. A replacement is expected to be named sometime in January 2003. The new Prime Minister also promised to get a start on the “long forgotten” education law which was passed early in 2002. The Ministry of Communications will be tasked with creating a curriculum for the University of Attera. Plans are also in the works for an Atteran Imperial Library, similar to the new Amerada National Library.

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