New Evidence in TYSOG Scandal; New TDF Commander Appointed

After Marshal Makonnen resigns from the TDF and Tymaria, Marshal Liam Sinclair and Marshal Eddie Guimont are left in control of the publicly battered organization. Marshal Sinclair has announced that he is willing to work on amending the TYSOG to make it more acceptable to the public and that he will not disband it. However, the pacifist-minded majority of Tymarians who don’t have a clue about the necessity of intelligence and special operations want TYSOG gone.

Also on the subject, posts from the secure National Security Forum for Tymaria have been released that prove that Chancellor Rhode – who is calling for the military to be disbanded and for Prime Executive Scot to be impeached – may be more than he seems. The posts show that he advised the Prime Executive to begin missions to infiltrate Babkha, and those missions are at the center of the TYSOG controversy. This proves that Chancellor Rhode has participated in the planning of an activity deemed illegal by many Tymarians. He is guilty as much as the Prime Executive who didn’t participate in the missions, but still had an administrative responsibility to them.

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