New Federation to be formed

A Tymarian-type federation, known as the Federated States, which will consist of one federal government controlling many former nations, has been created by Philip Locke, Eddie Guimont (Kuralyov) and a few others. The new federation will include the nations of Erozia, the Babkhan dependency of Slobovia, Pakauranga and Actia. It is clear from the member nations, that the federation is being created solely to bring more prominence to them, or is it? According to Troy Thompson, who will be the President of the new micronation, the member nations are joining the Federation States because, “there is strength in numbers.”

Common defence is a big part of the constitution according to Thompson. He further states that the nations have “little to lose” in joining the new federation. Each state will also be permitted to maintain a militia; hence the large numbers of defence forums at the Federated States Ezboard. In wartime, each state would contribute one to two regiments to the national army.

As for the other major players in the new nation, Guimont will hold many of the jobs of the nation, including Vice-President, Governor of Actia, a nation he is creating solely for the purpose of joining the Federated States, much like the time he created Microna solely to overthrow it and make it into Baracao, and finally, he’ll be the Chief of Staff of the Army. Locke will not be joining the nation until it is formed.

According to Thompson, the nation will be about “half decentralized,” thus ensuring that too much decentralization, as seen in Tymaria, doesn’t leave the federal government inactive, and that too much centralization doesn’t paralyze the state governments. As for the political system, there will initially be just one political party, the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), which, like most parties with “Democratic” in their names, will have a communist component, a socialist component, and finally, rounding out the party to create an even more left wing socialist-communist type organization, is a group of Social Democrats.

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