New Imperial High Judge proposes Court System Reforms

Meridazmatch Ka Naji, who was appointed as Attera’s new, and currently only, Imperial High Judge upon his citizenship approval a few weeks ago, has submitted to the Prime Minister his proposal for the future of the Atteran court system. The proposal involves the creation of two different courts within the Imperial High Court, one for minor offenses, and one for the more major offenses.

It goes on further to state that there would be no jury, as in the belief of the Imperial High Judge, a jury in micronations is not necessary, even in the most severe circumstances. The report goes on to propose the expansion in the number of justices with three for the lower court and five for the upper court. All Atterans are invited to discuss the report in Cafe Taito. The Prime Minister is expected to issue a statement on the proposals later this week.

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