New international alliance born in Los Santos

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC NEWS – The Alexandrian city of Los Santos was lit with activity yesterday as the heads of state and other diplomatic officials from the nations of Ashkenatza, Hamland and Stormark met with Alexandrian officials to sign the Declaration of Los Santos, cementing the alliance between all four nations, calling it the “Council of Free Nations”.

The alliance comes after several months of talks between all four nations first in Miramar and then in Los Santos, where they focused first on building a close and genuine partnership before formalizing the relationship in a treaty. All four nations had already built close ties between each other over the course of the last year, but it was not until yesterday’s events that the alliance was fully cemented in a common declaration of principles and values. Ashkenatza, Stormark and Alexandria have signed the declaration already, and are currently awaiting the signature of the Hammish delegation.

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