New Macadam calls it quits

After gross inactivity in New Macadam, Mattlore Devious, the webmaster and only founder still active in NM, decided to call it quits. New Macadam has been suffering from an all time low in activity after its Kiwi founders became inactive and Liam Sinclair and Peter Little became too busy in their other main nations. After wrapping up the micronational affairs of his friend and fellow citizen, William Choc, Matt officially placed New Macadam on the inactive list. He has said that he will not restart it. New Macadam was created in late 2001 and had 9 citizens at its height. The NM newspaper, The Nut, will continue to publish, but due to the now inactive NM, it will do what the LATJ/MFP has – become international. Matt will become more involved in the PDU now that NM is gone, but his new job of serving tea may be hard as he claims that he breaks everything!

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