New message board breathes life back into Alexandria

Geneva, Alexandria, ABCC News – For several months, Alexandria has languished in a serious state of inactivity, brought upon by the technical problems that began to plague its original forum. However, earlier this week, signs of life began to be shown in Alexandria with the opening of a new official forum, where all business and activity will be conducted starting May 7th, 2009, which is also the 7th anniversary of Alexandria’s founding.

The state of emergency installed in January still continues, with the Alexandrian Constitution of 2005 formally repudiated and repealed. It has been replaced with a Provisional Transitional Charter, which dismantled much of the former government and replaced the Imperial Parliament with a Chamber of Citizens, composed of all Alexandrian citizens. According to the Charter, the Chamber of Citizens “will sit for a period of no more than four months, and it will devote itself to drafting a new Constitution.”

Since the opening of the new message board, two new participants have applied to join Alexandria. Citizens are beginning to return as well, giving hope to the leadership of the embattled nation that a full recovery is possible.

Over the next few months, Alexandria will be experiencing many changes. “We will introduce new simulationist aspects to Alexandria – such as the simulation of national crisis, economic downturns, natural disasters and more,” said His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor. “Changes will come, but we need our citizens to come back and give us their input as to what they want to see of this new Alexandria.”

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