New Revelation in KATO Infighting

In our continued coverage of the recent problems within KATO, it has come to our attention that on January 02/2003, the Government of Toaka (KATO) issued an order for the Katoian military to be on alert and to observe” His Sadesu Majesty Seamoi of Nudoitò and his followers” as that group is believed to be responsible for “corruptive ideals” and “bestowing fear among Katoians”. The Government also issued a directive to all citizens living in the headquarters region of KATO, Vancouver, Canada, to attempt to remain out of any situation that may descend into a violent situation. This marks the first time in recent memory, if not in the history of the nation, that the military has been put on alert against a group of citizens within KATO. The directive to remain out of harm’s way also shows the volatility of the situation in KATO’s main citizen base.

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