News Briefs: 07 Jul 2002

– The Atteran Government today stated that Ras Markle, who has been causing a bit of trouble in Babkha, and in Baracao, is not a representative of Attera. In a statement to the media, Prime Minister Anderson of Attera stated that the person using the Ras Markle account is, in fact, not Ras Markle, but a friend to whom he gave the password of the account. The imposter has been damaging the image of Attera and certain people within it over the past few days.

– After a poll lasting more than one month, the readers of the MFP want the paper to focus on Micro-Monde and its former members primarily and they also wish it to publish more than once a week. The results are under consideration, and the MFP will do its best to please the readers.

– Uncle Damn is back in Amerada again, this time to rob a bank and shoot the President of Amerada, Earl Washburn. If you don’t have anything better to do, then you might as well check out the thread.

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