News Briefs: 1 Apr 2002

– Edward Conway, who has been in micronations for over a year and has become an icon for his work in Tymaria and Machievella, has left micronations citing personal reasons. Mr. Conway is not the first of the “old guard” to have left micronations in recent months, going before him were Eddie Guimont (Kuralyov), Julian Starr, Sean Walker, and Bill Dusch, just to name a few.

– In a unanimous vote, the Tymarian Legislature welcomed the Imperium of Azerborjn into the Union. The new state is known as Lothlarian. The leader of the new colony is Philip Locke, probably best known for his endeavour to make us all a part of the Commune a few months back. The State is now looking for people to fill the many positions available with the internal running of the place. Go to Tymaria for more details or to apply.

– Another Yardistan revolt is occurring in Shireroth. Nick Yardistani is the leader of course. But perhaps the biggest news is that the listing of YAC holdings has apparently gone blank meaning that we’re all finally free again! lol.

– The UBR now has a reported 16 citizens. However, we have yet to see any results of this large population at the UBR’s ezboard…even though President Donle assures us that they do, indeed, exist outside of his mind. It is also rumored that Peter Little may become the Minster of Defence for the UBR – yet to be confirmed though.

– Pacary has re-launched it’s website after a week or so of renovations to the site and the nation itself. It’s been a lengthy process, but it appears that they’re going to be getting an economy up and running shortly and some citizens have been announced to fill a few positions by the new Chancellor, Sander Dieleman.

– According to Peter Little, a citizen of New Macadam, the NM future problem has been solved. Matt Devious has decided to restart NM as an independent nation.

– Erik Metzler has returned as Kaiser as Shireroth, this time under the alias of Kaiser Mors I. With the current unrest in Shireroth, he has threatened to kill any TDF personnel that are deployed to the area (if that should ever happen). He also wants his old job in the TDF back (his old position no longer exists due to restructuring), despite his obvious threat to the TDF’s personnel. Am I the only one who sees the irony in this?

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