News Briefs: 1 Aug 2002

– Hostilities between Baracao and Shireoth are quickly becoming friendly relations. On July 27, 2002, it was announced that the Imperial Republic of Shireroth has ended its blockade of Baracão.

– The Intermicronational Left Alliance has been created by Yuri Andropov, Philip Locke, Bob Silby, and Mark Buhr. Experts believe it’s another method of certain members in the organization to try to take over the micronational world.

– Philip Locke has reapplied for Pacary citizenship. This event caused a rare citizenship vote in the Pacary People’s Congress. Locke played a large part in the creation of a new Pacary back in April; however, sources tell us that the citizenship vote is not going well for Mr. Locke. *July 30 update* Locke has announced that he is retiring from micronations. *July 31 update* Retirement? Hardly, Locke has restarted Freenesia.

– Attera will be hosting a peace conference between Baracão and the Free Republic in an effort to end the hostilities between those two nations. Baracão claims the FR as its own, but the FR claims it’s independent.

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