News Briefs: 1 Oct 2002

– The Oh Scotia general election concludes on October 02, 2002. The election, the first since Oh Scotia was declared as fascist state in February of this year, will likely produce a minority government when the polls close in a matter of hours. The Oh Scotia Monarchist Society will be the governing party and will hold 2 seats, with the Oh Scotia Democratic Liberal Party holding the remaining two seats.

– The Amerada Government is having a discussion on capital punishment. Right now, the death penalty is an option within Amerada, but only a federal judge may authorize its use.

– New MFP record: Less than two days between editions (Sep 30 ed. and this edition). Main reason for it is that I have less than 8 days to fit in three editions outlining the platforms of each Amerada Prime Ministerial candidate!

– Just a reminder to Amerada citizens. I have received all but 5 (thereabouts) census forms at my office of the Vice President. Time is running out, I recommend that you get those forms into me immediately. In a chat with Earl, he said that whoever never participated in my census of the population will likely lose their jobs! Though I doubt that consequence will inspire you to actually do something in Amerada – I mean, people can’t change overnight can they? :p

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