News Briefs: 10 July 2002

– Attera is hosting a Intermicronational Military Expo. Nations will be able to post a web page highlighting their military and it will last from July 15, 2002 to December 01, 2002. More details can be found here.

– The Tymarian Foreign Ministry has issued a travel advisory asking that Tymarians stay away from the Morovian forums. The reason for the advisory is that some Morovian citizens are “xenophobic” and may try to verbally assault Tymarians who visit the forums.

– Pacary has announced that after a debate and vote, it will remain with ezboard for its official nation forum. Some citizens are upset at the decision, and their concerns have been noted. The new national forum for Pacary is the same board that was the temporary forums for the nation when their phpBB board host went down. All ministers in Pacary should be reporting threads from the old phpBB in the coming weeks.

– Yuri Andropov is now governor of the Amerada colony of Floerta. The previous governor and bank manager for Amerada resigned due to personal reasons. He has also offered to buy that colony from Amerada for $1 billion. Where did he get that money? Well, we’ll let the Skyline break that story.

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