News Briefs: 10 May 2002

The secession of the Free Republic, Tapfer, and Interland from Tymaria has been thwarted; however, the determined secessionists of the FR have split it in half and declared one half as a sovereign territory. The FR wanted to leave because it felt it lost its power of self-determination while in Tymaria and its public image. Interland wanted to leave because…well, only one Interlander wanted to leave and I’m not sure why!

Defence Minister and Chief of the Defence Staff for the Tymarian Defence Forces, Liam Sinclair, has resigned his position stating the futility of the job and the general lack of support from the Tymarian people for an active defence. Nick Raglan was promoted by Sinclair to the full rank of General and appointed the CDS of the TDF.

It’s conference fever these days. Two international conferences are underway. The 2002 Intermicronational Economic Conference, hosted by the Barony of Treesia and Fabon, is aimed at creating an international economic policy. The Delvenus Convention is taking place in the Republic of Delvenus and is aimed at creating diplomatic and economic relations between the attending nations, as well as creating an international rule of war treaty. At this conference, Tymaria and the Free Territories are negotiating an end to their feud, which started when Philip Locke created the FT.

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