News Briefs: 11 Dec 2002

# (ASSEMBLY OF MICRONATIONS) Dec 10/2002: The first resolution of the newly formed Assembly of Micronations has been tabled by the Atteran Delegation. Emperor Tzion I, on behalf of Prime Minister Liam Sinclair, the AoM Ambassador for Attera, tabled the motion. The motion is designed to kick start the Assembly’s activities.
# (AUDENTIOR INDEPENDENT NATION) Dec 11/2002: AIN, perhaps one of the most famous Apollo Nations, has been restarted for the seventh time by Scott Alexander. Elections are currently getting ready to get underway.
# (AMERADA) Dec 11/2002: The first ever Amerada Presidential Election is underway. President Washburn said that this election will possibly get the most votes ever of any election within Amerada. The race is very tight so far between Washburn and Bridgewater, the latter campaigning on a call for a more democratic Amerada, and Washburn campaigning on the simple slogan that if he loses, Amerada will die – which is, of course, what every dictatorial leader of a nation claims, but we’ll have to wait and see how events will play out.
# (CUMQUAT) Dec 11/2002: In a follow up to last weeks bulletin on Cumquat, Governor Holmes expects to be able to release further details on the rebellion attempt in a few weeks. In other Cumquat news, Prime Minister McIvor, in what seems to be a start to an “I’m so dedicated to this nation that…” campaign, has appointed a Party Chairperson for the Liberal Democrats so that he, as Prime Minister, can “concentrate on the Government and well-being of the nation.” The new Chairperson will be Kristine Warven. Further details on the position can be found here.

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