News Briefs: 11 Feb 2002

South Mondesia: South Mondesia’s Defence Ministry created the SMAK – South Mondesian Annexation Corps – just for a laugh. Better watch out YAC, you’ve got competition! Nothing much new from SM, except some minor name changes in the SMDF Spec ops unit and the creation of the ISS – International Security Service – which is a TYSOG like organization that will share its Intel with allied militaries if they request it. South Mondesia has also created a Culture Ministry – let’s hope it doesn’t turn to Apolloism ;)!

Interland: Another Interland, wait, make that two Interland’s come into existence! The former Interland on Micro-Monde has been renamed Interland 2 by Peter Little for lack of a better name (hey, it beats Inter-Terre, Washburn’s proposal for the name). On a more serious note, the gang from the Commonwealth of Interland, before it joined Tymaria, has come back together – Yuri included – forming the Kingdom of Interland. It is a mirror of the State of Interland so it is NOT in Tymaria. Visit their forums at

Tymaria: Edward Guimont’s (Kuralyov) temporary leave of absence from micronations means that Tymarian Electoral Commissioner, Peter Little, has called an election for Consul of the Free Republic state in Tymaria. In true fashion, the Kingdom of Interland has put the IDF at Mr. Little’s disposal to make sure the elections are done in a civilized manner. As the IDF will be operating in Tymaria, it will be under TDF command under a previous agreement during the Yardistan Incident last year. In reality it doesn’t really matter whose command it is under because both the IDF and TDF are commanded by Liam Sinclair!

Amerada: Peter Little, who left the RCAA in Amerada just last week, rejoined the party as his brief stint in the DLPA bored him to death.

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