News Briefs: 13 Aug 2002

– Atteran Prime Minister, Ras Anderson, has announced that on October 11/2002 he will be resigning his position since he will be leaving to go to boot camp. Elections Commissioner Liam Sinclair has announced Prime Ministerial elections for early October to fill the vacancy and so far, HIH Ras Makonnen has announced that he will be running for the position. If you’re an Atteran citizen and you’d like to run in the election, the deadline for announcing your intent is September 30/2002 according to Commissioner Sinclair.

– NUT Media, owners of the New Macadam Nut news service has announced their intent to create a history of Micro-Monde publication. They are looking for information from around the nations of Micro-Monde that would be beneficial. This is the first project of its kind.

– President Washburn is working on the lost Amerada Language project which was announced well over a year ago.

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