News Briefs: 14 Mar 2002

NEW MACADAM: New Macadam, now officially inactive, is having its future debated. The owner of NM, Mattlore Devious, who is the PDU’s Exterior Minister, is trying to decide whether the PDU, Treesia, or South Mondesia will get to annex it. He said that he will probably give it to the PDU so that it is its own state – whereas if he gave it to South Mondesia, it may lose representation when SM joins Tymaria – either as a state or a part of Alexandros (Shireroth).

AMERADA: Amerada continues to be grossly inactive. Earl Washburn is working on a new news agency for the Micro-Monde scene. He has said it will be a video broadcast. Chances are such an endeavour will last maybe 2 broadcasts if lucky (that is if it ever broadcasts at all) since there is never any news worth reporting from Micro-Monde.

SOUTH MONDESIA: The South Mondesian high court banned Earl Washburn and revoked his SM citizenship for a period of 4 months after Earl unjustly declared war on South Mondesia. After the sentence is served, Mr. Washburn will have to immigrate to rejoin SM.

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