News Briefs: 15 Dec 2002

# (BABKHA) Dec 13/2002: As we reported in the last edition, Slobovia will be joining the new Federated States. In order to do this, it must leave Babkha. Its leader, President Thompson, has tabled the secession bill in the Majlis.
# (MENELMACAR) Dec 15/2002: There has been a massive scandal exposed in Menelmacar. In true Apollo fashion, it is some scandal over “mind control” involving the nation’s leader Sirithil…mind control eh? Well, we finally have learned how Apollonians reproduce!
# (ATTERA) Dec 15/2002: Recent insults of Attera by two ranking Babkhan Government officials have derailed the slow process in place on resolving the past of the two nations. Prime Minister Liam Sinclair, in response to Baharm calling Attera a “terrorist” state has reinforced the Atteran ban of Babkhan citizens at the Attera Ezboard. Babkhan citizens upset at this are directed to go whine to their Foreign Minister who we (Attera) shall respectively ignore while the Babkhan Foreign Ministry does the same to us.
# (AMERADA) Dec 15/2002: With the recent defeat of President Washburn, the horrendous schedule of the legislature created by him that runs into Summer 2003 right now (3 weeks per bill, no two bills at one time), is expected to change. Speaker of the House, and Prime Minister, Tristan Calvani, says that he hopes to clear the current docket by February 14, 2002, at which time he hopes that the “New Amerada” will awaken.

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