News Briefs: 16 Aug 2002

– The Pacarian Post, the newspaper that published one edition, was placed up for sale earlier this week by the MNN. The former editor, Philip Locke left Pacary when he retired and gave the Post to the MNN who have been unable to find a replacement editor for it. Liam Sinclair has bought 501 of the 1000 shares of the Pacarian Post (TPP) at the Pacary Exchange for [Dr. Evil] a hefty sum of one billion dollars [/Dr. Evil] (well, actually, þ3,016.02). The Pacarian Post will become a part of the Micronational Free Press Network. A decision regarding the use of the old Pacarian Post website is pending.

– In other Pacary related news, the director of the Pacary National University was announced by Secretary of Culture, Darrell Francis. The Director will be Matt McIvor, who was the sole remaining candidate for the position after Liam Sinclair withdrew and took the job as Deputy-Secretary of Culture. The Department is currently planning to make Pacarian a more dominant language, thus taking it out of its culturally dormant state. Pacary’s forums will likely becoming bilingual in the coming week.

– Tymarian Prime Executive, Tony Au, accepted Freenesia’s surrender and has reported the obscene acts by the bomber to Ezboard. It is not yet known whether or not Ezboard has made a decision on the fate of the bomber.

– Pacary and Tymaria are working on a Free Trade treaty. Both sides have initially agreed to the treaty, however, it won’t become final until the Tymarian House of Peoples approves it.

– The nations of Micro-Monde are currently awaiting the release of the newest version of the world map. Sources say that the map will look very professional and far better than the primitive maps currently viewable at the MM site.

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