News Briefs: 17 Oct 2002

– Politics of the People, Ezboard’s most active political forums for real life discussions has started their own micronation, called the Republic of Politika. The leader of the nation is Robert Silby, who has been blamed for many “terrorist” strikes against Menelmacar in the past. This legacy has brought unwarranted hostility towards the new micronation, and in their national newspaper’s first edition, the editor addressed those hostilities.

– A new cult based around long-time micronational villain, Yuri V. Andropov, has been created. The religion has destroyed the old board of the Commonwealth of Interland (which is now at a new board and a part of Attera), and has attempted to sacrifice Bill Dusch and Tom Hubert (probably not all that bad of an idea). However, the cult is generally seen as a menace. The cult is the handy work of Scott Alexander who some say was impersonating Yuri and other micronational figures by using old logins such as “Sean Walker” (Yuri’s Interland login), but this is yet to be confirmed. Experts have been thinking of ways to squash the cult, and so far have decided to follow the good old fire fighting method of stopping, dropping, and rolling, until the fire is out.

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