News Briefs: 18 Feb 2002

Micronationalism: Real life has been busy for Julian Starr, and Eddie Guimont (Kuralyov) so both have decided to take a while off from micronations. Best of luck to them!

Amerada: President Washburn of Amerada dropped charges against Peter Little for offending Amerada by defacing the Amerada Flag after Mr. Little formally apologized for the incident. The last time that charges were brought up for defacing the flag was when Liam Sinclair place a communist symbol on the flag when President Washburn admitted to being a dictator. Those charges were also dropped after Mr. Sinclair took the flag down.

New Macadam: The former Internal Minister for New Macadam has lost the census’ that were completed by 8 citizens of New Macadam. His reason for the loss was that Hotmail deletes any old posts when the account reaches it’s total allowed size. The new Internal Minister now has to redo the census, or scrap it altogether.

Shireroth: YAC is back. After Yardistan reverted back to Shireroth in Tymaria this week, the YAC has decided to get active again. Lucky us. This is just one of many events in the Yardistan rebellion against the leader of Shireroth.

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