News Briefs: 18 Sep 2002

– This week, Sirithil introduced two bills to isolate Pacary from its staunchest ally, Baracao. Quickly seen as a move by Sirithil to isolate Baracao so that Menelmacar, her main nation, could reduce the military strength Baracao could rely upon in a conflict, she received condemnation from top officials in the Pacarian government. Her bill for Pacary to leave the Alliance of Free States passed, and then she introduced a bill to severe ties with Baracao. However, she withdrew the latter and reintroduced a bill to rejoin the AFoS after realizing that her ultimate goal had become visible to the world and would cause a major backlash on Menelmacar. This move by Sirithil has also increased tensions between Baracao and Menelmacar. Pacary citizens Liam Sinclair and Sander Dielemen, in response to the situation, joined Baracao’s foreign legion, with Sinclair commanding the formation.

– The Republic of Amerada has been designated an isolationist state. President Earl Washburn, in a conversation with Vice-President Liam Sinclair earlier this week, said that he is shutting himself in Amerada and keeping the nation to itself since wherever he goes, people end up hating him. The effect on the intermicronational scene from this move is non-existent.

– It has been proposed by former and current citizens of Tymaria, that Tymaria Ezboard EzOp, Erik Metzler, lock down the board to seal Tymaria’s fate. Tymaria has been dead ever since the end of the effects of the TYSOG incident and is not likely to recover as their Prime Executive, Tony Au, has gone AWOL, and the government hasn’t been active for months. Rumours tell us that Tymaria may be given to the Apollo Foundation, which is an organization devoted to preserving the history of the Apollo Sector.

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