News Briefs: 20 Aug 2002

– The new official map, version one, of Micro-Monde has been released. The map will have to be redone according to MMCS Director Washburn because the edges were accidentally cut off.

– In a surprising move, Amerada VP Jon Weatherhead announced on August 18, 2002, that he is resigning from all his positions in Amerada and becoming a full time journalist for the WBS. In an even more surprising move, President Washburn appointed Liam Sinclair, a member of the opposition in Amerada, as Vice-President until elections in December of this year. These events were not the only surprise of the day, it appears that former PM, William Steeves, may be returning to run in the October Prime Ministerial election. Should this happen, President Washburn said that he will likely make current PM, Derek McCullough, the DLPA candidate for Vice-President in December. Steeves was impeached in December 2001 for telling everyone at to go F themselves and subsequently, embarrassing Amerada.

– HIH Ras Diga IV today announced that HH Ras Liam Sinclair has been appointed as the Atteran Deputy Minister of the Interior. Ras Sinclair’s primary responsibility will be the maintenance of the Atteran ezboards. Both boards will receive a brand new look later this week if all goes according to plan.

– Menelmacar was attacked by an unknown assailant who was attempting to frame the creator of the Fag Bomb, Robert Silby. The attempt failed, but not before the majority of people blamed, unjustly and without cause, Silby for the attacks.

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