News Briefs: 22 Jan 2003

# (AMERADA) Jan 13/2003: The new Amerada Supreme Court Act (2003) written by Chief Justice Liam Sinclair has been submitted to the legislature. The Act is considered to be one of the most comprehensive yet. More comprehensive bills have become a regular sight under the Bridgewater administration, a very different situation from the Washburn administration where bills were vague, not well-defined, and some were even one-liners.
# (POLITIKA) Jan 13/2003: Politika is once again in some hot water. President Robert Silby (8obby) admitted to spying on the Republic of Baracao. It has also come out that 8obby hacked the email account of Baracao’s chairman, Dafydd Young. A resolution in the AoM has been tabled to outlaw and condemn hacking of email accounts … of course, that resolution wouldn’t be needed if nations started to ratify the Scheheradze Convention.
# (AMERADA) Jan 14/2003: The Amerada Supreme Court has ruled that a 4-2 vote in favour of a bill in the Federal Legislature is indeed a majority plus one, despite the arguments of Earl Washburn who wrote the law. The Court cited that in the future, Mr. Washburn should include definitions of key terms and points within laws. This means that Bill 89, a bill giving the President the power to carry out much needed reforms, is now law.
# (AMERADA) Jan 22/2003: President Donle of the United Bobessian Republic has proposed a merger between the UBR and Amerada. Amerada officials have flat out rejected the proposal for an equal merger with the dead nation and instead offered it nothing more than status as an external territory of Amerada. On a lesser note, Earl Washburn said that he plans to leave Amerada in about 300 days.
# (ATTERA) Jan 19/2003: The first of Attera’s online citizens has deployed to Kuwait. HIH Ras Dabe Harmagedon said his goodbyes to the nation today. Within two weeks, the Emperor and three other of Attera’s online citizens will deploy to the Middle East.
# (ASSEMBLY OF MICRONATIONS) Jan 19/2003: The Atteran Empire and Kingdom of Babkha have been agreeing in principle on many items up for debate in the Assembly as of late. Be concerned ….

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