News Briefs: 22 Jun 2003

June 21/2003 – Kingdom of Babkha
Today at the Raspur Conference, the Collective Unconscious announced its withdrawal from the project and the Alternate Realities world map as the leadership of that organization decided to move it out of the micronational scene. The Raspur Conference, which is designed to produce a new intermicronational organization between nations with similar goals, such as Attera, Babkha, and Aerlig, to name just a few, received a major blow on June 12/2003 when the Kingdom of Hanover withdrew from the conference. Hanover’s previous government, under Robert Gresham, supported the conference, however, that support has all but dried up since Kieran Bennett became Prime Minister. Long time supporter of the project, Hanoverian Thomas Cutterham, plans to continue on in the discussions as an independent party.

June 22/2003 – Kingdom of Hanover
Robert Gresham has filed a motion in the High Court to have the Hanoverian Private Bank shut down. The bank came into operation after the crash of the server containing Hanover’s national bank. Gresham, along with other Hanoverians, are concerned of the lack of accountability of the actions of the private bank and that it is using an “illegal” currency, the Talon, which the bank pegs 1:1 to Hanover’s currency, the Talen. The motion in court also accuses the private bank of attempting to deceive the public by making it look like it has the support of Hanover’s government by using a name similar to the Talen and using a 1:1 exchange rate.

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