News Briefs: 23 Nov 2001

Amerada: RCAA member, William Chocolate, has been promised a seat as the governor of Amerada’s next colony. This will create a fifth newspaper in the AAP (Amerada Associated Press). The AAP is growing quickly, and it is still the most trusted news source in Amerada.

Amerada: The governor of Califario, Andrew Lacharite, has announced his intention to resign his position citing that he is too bored to continue participating in Amerada. This will leave a vacant seat in the AAG, which will be quickly filled as President Washburn will be appointing DLPA member Mattlore Devious (his alias) to the position. Devious is an acquaintance of Governor Sinclair from his other micronation – New Macadam, and Governor Sinclair wished Devious all the best in his new duty.

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