News Briefs: 23 Oct 2002

– The Office of the Vice President in Amerada has released its report based on the results of the first ever Amerada census. This census targeted the real citizens of Amerada, not the simulated ones. The report found that most of Amerada’s citizens came to the nation because President Washburn wanted them to, not because they found it interesting. Approximately three or four actually came because they were interested. The published report can be found here.

– President Washburn fired two of the citizens who failed to participate in the census. William Steeves and Mr. Friedel were fired from their positions as governors of two of Amerada’s colonies. While the President can’t fire governors, these two governors are special because they weren’t elected, so no one will miss them. Andrew Lacharite, who also never participated in the census, will be removed by a bill in the legislature sometime this year, if not next year. The bill is specific to Mr. Lacharite, however, critics say that it should be generalized so that all legislators who are inactive can be removed straight away.

– In Politika, the House of Commons past an Enabling Act which has been vigorously opposed by the Party of Social Mobocracy. As you history buffs may know, Hitler passed an Enabling Act, which was used in his grand scheme to oppress Jews and any non-German nationality and eventually murder all of them. The Party has 77% support in a poll posted right now. The poll is designed to gather public support against the “Hitleresque” act and restore a credible direct democracy system to Politika. The President of Politika, Robert Silby (8obby), has vowed to solve the problem within five days.

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