News Briefs: 24 Aug 2002

– It has been determined that the Fag Bomb was not used in the attacks on Menelmacar earlier this week. Defense spokesman, Philip Locke, says that the prime suspect is a nation at this time. The identity of this nation has not been made public, nor has any evidence pointing to an attack by a foreign nation been released.

– As was expected, Amerada Legislature Bill 70, which would limit the presidential term to three months, was defeated. The vote was tied 2-2 and thus never met the requirements to pass into law.

– HIH Ras Diga IV has announced that if both parties in the Baracao-FR negotiation talks in Attera do not resume talks by August 29, 2002, Attera will shut down the conference due to a lack of activity.


In the business section of last edition, we stated that the National Bank of Tymaria was attempting to buyback stock. This, however, was not the case. The prospective buyer was a private citizen, not the NBT.

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