News Briefs: 24 Mar 2002

Republic of Aerlig: Michael Phyle, of Aerlig, has announced that he plans to create an Intermicronational Associated Press organization. The MFP has expressed interest in this organization along with the Morovian Telegraph. Details of the organization have yet to be worked out, and we will inform you of them when we receive a copy.

South Mondesia: South Mondesia was the scene of a one hour communist revolt. The local communist party, lead by Marshal Korkovski, launched an attack against the un-expecting federal government and quickly transformed the SM Ezboard into a communist-themed board. The SMDF quickly carried out an assassination of Korkovski, ending the civil recreational war within an hour of its start.

Tymaria: The Tymarian Defence Forces have undergone a complete restructuring. Details can be found at

Akerbjorn: Akerbjorn is on its way to joining Tymaria. The nation will bring five more active/semi-active citizens to Tymaria. The debate finished this week and voting has begun with an overwhelming number of votes supporting the annexation.

Babkha: Prime Executive Jason Rhode of Tymaria made a speech to the Babkha Majlis this week. Babkha and Tymaria have always been two competitors, and the Prime is looking to resolve the bad feelings between the two nations. Access it at the Majlis forum at

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