News Briefs: 24 Sep 2002

– Amongst certain elements in the intermicronational scene there has been some concern having HIH Ras Diga IV as Prime Minister of Attera and as a member of the Grand Executive Council. In response to this, HIH Ras Diga has announced that he will be stepping down as a member of the GEC for as long as he is Prime Minister. While he is Prime Minister, his spot in the GEC will be held by current Minister of Defence, Ras Yeh, who served on the GEC over the summer in Ras Charles’ position while the latter was on vacation.

– The Commonwealth of Interland has accepted a tentative agreement to rejoin the Atteran Commonwealth. The agreement would see Julian Starr represent Interland in the Grand Executive Council, and current Premier Liam Sinclair and Chancellor Dreesbach would remain in their positions.

– In the Tebec Commons, the Foreign Policy Act has been tabled for debate. The move is to allow Tebec, now a semi-independent territory of Amerada, to conduct relations, officially, with other nations. Only KATO currently has relations with Tebec currently involving a KATO consulate in Tebec. KATO is also the only nation to recognize Tebec as fully independent officially to date.

– In an effort to report more on Micro-Monde, as hard as the task may be sometimes, Nicasia left the United Bobbesian Republic, which annexed it with the blessing of its (Nicasia’s) leader just last month. We haven’t heard an official reply from the UBR government, but we can expect one to be posted eventually (not necessarily in our lifetime, though). Nicasia is just as dead as ever following the secession from the UBR of course.

– The first ever Commonwealth of Micronations Summit was a resounding failure. Only three member nations showed up, and even those nations were too inactive at the summit for anything to be accomplished.

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