News Briefs: 27 Aug 2002

– Tebec and Amerada have resolved their differences. Premier Sinclair of Tebec requested on Aug 24, 2002 that Amerada designate Tebec an external territory instead of a colony. This move removes the Amerada Government from Tebec while permitting the Tebec Commons (legislature) to table and debate bills without further intimidation tactics of the Amerada Government whenever a bill that government doesn’t like is tabled.

– Elections in Pacary have been called for September. Current candidates are Chancellor Sander Dieleman and newcomer, Matias Dyble. Earl Washburn has been trying to run in the election as an alter-ego, notably “pissingmonkey”, as Amerada law prevents him from being President while leading another nation. Mr. Washburn denies that he is “pissingmonkey” and “queen Elizabeth II”, even though both users have the same IP address as Washburn.

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