News Briefs: 27 Dec 2002

# (MENELMACAR) Dec 27/2002: Orion Ilios has redesigned the Menelmacar forums. He is to be congratulated for his excessive amount of “plagiarism”. Both the good code and bad code were ripped from various boards, such as Baracao, and Feianova. It’s alright to use code from another site, but making you entire design out of other author’s codes…that’s plagiarism at its worst. Be ashamed, be very ashamed…you just made every arts professor in the world fail you miserably.
# (AMERADA) Dec 27/2002: After being postponed by the Amerada Supreme Court due to technical difficulties with Alxnet, the Amerada by-election is back underway and will end on December 30/2002. The Court postponed the by-election after two straight days of Alxnet being offline. By law, Alxnet polls must be used in all federal elections in Amerada.
# (AMERADA) Dec 27/2002: The Amerada legislature had its most active vote ever this week. The legislature, in a historic 8 out of 10 legislators responding, passed the Micronational Environmental Act with seven votes in favour. The activity may be attributed to the recent firing of legislator, Andrew Lacharity, for dereliction of duty. Lacharity was voted out of the House by his fellow members in a four-to-zero voting result.

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