News Briefs: 27 Jan 2003

# (AMERADA) Jan 16/2003: President Nick Bridgewater has announced that he will be absent while he switches internet connections. In his announcement, the President said that Vice President Liam Sinclair would take over his duties for the next few days at least and reminded citizens of Amerada to participate in the national census. Those who do not participate, under the newly passed Legislative act, will cease to be citizens. The weeding out of inactive citizens is prelude to the first nation-wide legislative general election for the House of Commons and the Senate, both of which were created under the new legislative act. The current Federal Legislature will cease operations on February 06/2003.
# (HANOVER) Jan 26/2003: The Kingdom of Hanover, the offspring of the Kingdom of Morovia, has ratified its constitution. The constitution is a very comprehensive document and is, in the opinion of the Micronational Free Press, a model for other similar micronations to use as reference.
# (ATTERA) Jan 26/2003: The Access to Information Act, the first of its kind in Atteran history, has been tabled in the Grand Executive Council. So far, two out of the three currently active Imperial Rases have expressed their support for the new bill, which is designed to help dispose of some of the dark cloak of secrecy generally associated with the Empire. The bill’s likely passage has also given the Imperial Government the “go” to begin work on a new website. The Imperial Government Online is expected to be fully completed and ready for launch sometime in late February or early March. The site will contain information on government policies, foreign relations of the Empire and much more.
# (FEIANOVA) Jan 27/2003: It has almost been one Pacarian year since the demise of the Micronation of Pacary (one Pacarian year is equal to approximately four months). To celebrate Pacary and mourn its downfall, Feianova, its offspring, will hold a special ceremony in February. The ceremony will feature a speech from Pacary’s former leader, Sander Dielemen, as well as some public discussion.

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